Why Choose Us?

With Kaytronics, you enjoy significant savings – without the risks!

With nearly a decade of experience developing relationships with overseas factories, managing timelines, overseeing quality control and managing all of our clients’ logistical needs, Kaytronics has built its reputation on consistently delivering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices while eliminating all of the worries commonly associated with buying overseas.

Kaytronics’ extensive network of manufacturers includes manufacturers in many industries, including electrical components, precision machine parts, industrial equipment, entertainment products, instrumentation systems, automotive supplies and so much more. That means that no matter how hard to find, chances are that Kaytronics has multiple sources for any item you need.

Why choose Kaytronics?

When you choose Kaytronics as your sourcing partner, you are guaranteed:

Quality and Reliability: Our team of qualified engineers and inspectors work on-site to ensure that all products are manufactured by trusted suppliers to your exact specifications and to stringent North American quality standards.

Savings: Kaytronics can help you achieve significant savings when compared to North American pricing, even on hard to find items.

Convenience: We not only eliminate the need for you to travel overseas, but also the inconvenience of language barriers and foreign time zones.

Reduced inventory and cash outlay: Dealing with our trusted network of suppliers enables you to reduce your inventory, as well as your up-front costs.

Safety: Our experts verify that the contents and processing of all items and substances meet all safety and import/export standards.

Agency Approval: When required, our trusted third-party labs are qualified to design, produce and test your products so that they are ready for agency certification.

Favourable Terms: Thanks to our solid relationships with our suppliers, Kaytronics can often negotiate reduced minimum quantities and the most favourable payment terms.

Our Guarantee: Kaytronics ensures that your items will be delivered as ordered and at the price quoted.

Put Kaytronics’ network of selected suppliers to work for you today! To find out how we can help your business grow – at no cost or obligation – contact us at 514-745-5800 and start saving today.


Kaytronics: maximum profit; minimum risk.