Our Services

Engineering and Quality Control

Kaytronics’ engineers are here to help you 24/7. Located in Montreal, Canada, our team can help define and perform quality control and testing procedures for your products, and ensure that your products respect all material and safety codes.  Our accredited third party labs perform all required testing to ensure that all of your products are ready for agency certification upon import.


Kaytronics offers impressive engineering capabilities, including:

  • Assisting with design of new products
  • Improving and adding value to existing products
  • Defining quality control procedures
  • Ensuring thorough and accurate product testing

Quality Control:

Kaytronics understands that the number one concern businesses have about sourcing overseas is quality.  We eliminate this worry for our clients by carefully selecting each factory and meticulously monitoring quality throughout the production and shipping process to ensure that all specifications and tolerances are met and all regulations are respected.

At Kaytronics, our approach is to maintain the highest quality standards to prevent quality issues before they arise.  That’s why our team of highly qualified engineers and specialists employ the following stringent procedures:

  • First-run samples are produced and production begins only upon client approval.
  • Factory inspection criteria are clearly defined and our inspectors work on-site to ensure that all criteria are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • Statistical sampling of each batch is conducted to ensure consistent conformity to all specifications.
  • Quality control documentation is strictly maintained.  Such documentation includes: factory audits, product inspection forms, engineering change notices and factory corrective action sheets.
Purchasing and Timeline Management

Kaytronics knows that success depends not only on purchasing quality products at the best possible price, but also on timing.  To ensure the consistent on-time delivery of every order, Kaytronics creates accurate benchmarks, sets realistic dates for reaching each stage of production, and helps the selected factory maintain the established schedule.


Kaytronics understands the important role that packaging plays in the successful marketing of any product.  That’s why we offer our clients the services of our talented graphic designers.  Our talented team of professionals creates packaging that ensures brand recognition and loyalty and helps our overseas partners effectively implement your design concepts.

Freight Forwarding

Thanks to our years of experience in managing all documentation and logistics, Kaytronics ensures the safe, cost-effective and on-time delivery of your orders. We also save you money by passing along our volume discounts to our clients.